Marvelous Mondays

Copperswife and Preschoolers and Peace are teaming up to bring you  

Marvelous Mondays!


This coming Monday, March 30, Cheryl (Copperswife) and I will
begin a series of reviews of  homeschool curricula.  Each Monday, until we
run out of topics, we will discuss what we've used and liked, as well as
what we've used and not liked, in a particular subject area.  We're not
comparing notes ahead of time, and I think it will be great fun to see where
we agree and where we disagree!

Every homeschool family is different.  In fact, most of us have
different sorts of homeschooling needs within our own families.  Sometimes
it's helpful to know what worked for another person and why, and it's just
as helpful to know what didn't work and why.  What has failed miserably in
my own home might work beautifully in yours!

We have no desire to sound as if we know it all, because we don't.
We're hoping to encourage you and to give you a bit of help in discerning
what might work for your family.

Cheryl is the homeschooling mother of 4 who began educating her daughters at home in 1989.  She is still homeschooling two sons, and just welcomed her fifth grandbaby into the family!